CNC Machining Technology


Machining Technologies that we Utilize:


High Speed Machining (HSM) is one of the technologies that we utilize - The CNC Controller on the machine uses advanced look ahead features that allow it to read far ahead into the program code so the machine knows where to move ahead of time. This is much more important when the machine is moving fast. The goal of HSM is to keep the cutter engaged into the material for as much time as possible while traveling at a very high feedrate and by taking lighter cuts than traditional machining techniques. The result is an overall reduction in cycle time and the tooling lasts longer, due to the lighter cuts taken.

High Speed Vertical Machining (video)

This is a job that we are utilizing (HSM) cutting methods on a vertical milling machine. This is just a small sample of what we can accomplish in a short period of time. We have the ability to produce these parts in High Volume as well as small quantity R&D type work.

High Speed Horizontal Machining (video)

We have this Horizontal Machining Center in house and it is extremely fast, accurate and rigid. This machine is also designed and configured to be a production workhorse. By utilizing speed, accuracy, control technology & the built in automation (pallet changer), we are able to reduce cycle times and labor costs. 


CNC Programming Software / CAM software is extremely important to our success, since it is what actually generates the G-code, chooses the most effecient cutting-tool paths and then sends the program to the machine using a post processor that converts the program into a format that the CNC Machine can read and successfully start machining.

Our CNC Programmers are highly skilled and trained in 3D surfacing and programs including 4-axis machining. They are the difference makers in the Programming Department. Afterall, there is much thought and work that goes into each and every part program that is written and they are all unique to themselves. Our Programmers & our CAM software are crucial to the profitability of the parts we machine and the Value that you receive by using A&B Machine.