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Our Capabilities 

A&B Machine and Design specializes in Precision Machining (CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Grinding etc). In order to separate ourselves from the competition, technology is implemented at the highest levels in machinery, tooling and the most up to date CAD/CAM programming software, to ensure that we are making the most accurate & efficient tool paths when cutting your parts. This of course, saves time & money for our customers!

Another technical advantage we have is our Processing & Programming Employees that have much experience in developing the most effecient operation sequences and fixture designs to assist our operators in machining the highest quality parts in the least amount of time. Quality, Value, On-time...!

CNC Milling & Turning

We have 35,000 sq/ft of space that is mostly filled with CNC milling & turning equipment. This equipment is utilized for many process solutions. Our CNC turning department has production capability with automation for high volumes and hand loading (chucker capability) for lower volume precision turning.


If standard precision does not fit your dimensional needs, we have in-house grinding capabilities. We offer surface grinding, ID/OD grinding & polishing to meet custom fit tolerances and finishes.


Complete Solutions

A&B Machine and Design offers complete solutions for our customers. We are manufacturing experts and you can trust us to provide you with a finished product. In addition to our core competencies of CNC Machining & Grinding, we offer other in-house (value-added) processes like; welding, fabrication, assembly, finishing, polishing, drilling & boring.

We also manage any required outside processes with your project (i.e. heat treating, anodizing, black oxide, nickel & other platings...etc). Our project management team designs the unique manufacturing process around your requirements and we document the proces for future projects as well.