On-Time Delivery

Set up for Speed

Our CNC machines are equipped for quick set-ups on short, as well as long, production runs with fixed threading cycles, auto angle, and chamfering. Set-up times are greatly reduced with the use of multiple zero offsets and the capability to program while running, including second operation set-ups. We have also installed a TM-APT on-line with all our controllers to allow downloading and uploading of repeat orders.

Fully Networked to Turn Your Parts Faster

The progress of shop floor work orders are controlled and monitored by a computerized network loaded with industry-leading software. In addition, the computerized scheduling system includes software packages for complete accounting, inventory, estimating and purchasing functions. The packages are totally interconnected so that from order entry through invoicing all the interrelated data is shared with each package.

Need Parts Now?

A&B inventories and delivers your parts on demand.