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Machine Built for Disposable Thermometer Manufacturer

JULY 2020

A & B Machine and Design in Sidney completed a specialized, high-speed production machine for American Thermal Instruments, which manufactures disposable forehead thermometer strips.

A & B Machine and Design in Sidney recently completed a specialized, high-speed production machine for American Thermal Instruments, of Dayton. However, this was not a typical project.

As manufacturers of disposable forehead thermometer strips, ATI’s production orders recently increased. The need for more capacity was apparent, but there was a problem; the current machinery had limited documentation required to build more.

Enter A & B Machine. Reverse engineering is one of its specialties, and the Sidney company quickly got to work. The new equipment supplied by A & B Machine increased ATI’s production capacity by 43 percent.

“We were able to study ATI’s current production processes, materials and tolerances,” said Dan McMahon, A & B vice president of sales and business development. “We reverse engineered the machine, designed, built, tested and delivered it – all in a time sensitive schedule of three weeks. The client was up and running to capacity without difficulty.”

The forehead thermometers start out as pre-printed paper substrate that is rolled through the machine. Multiple calibrations of liquid crystal dots are precisely placed on the substrate. The strips then are cut and packaged for distribution.

Each thermometer strip is 2.8 inches wide by 0.4 inches tall, is continuously monitoring with an accurate reading displayed after 15 seconds. Six temperature points, both Fahrenheit and Celsius, are easy to read using the qualities of the various liquid crystal colors to indicate cool, safe and high temperatures.

“I realized that this project was tough all around, but we couldn’t have imagined a better partnership than we had with A & B to find a solution,” said Bill Jacob, plant improvement manager, ATI.

A & B Machine and Design is a high volume, precision machining component and rapid prototype manufacturer in the automotive, aerospace, firearms, robotics, automation, off-road vehicle components, material handling, food industry and printing industries.

For more information about A & B Machine and Design, visit aandbmachine.com or contact Dan McMahon at 937- 638- 9121.
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